8 Hair Habits You Don’t Realize That Lead To Hair Loss

Sometimes it’s not the weather or your natural hair type; you just don’t realize that you’re making these oily hair-causing mistakes! If you feel like you’ve done everything and your hair is still greasy, read up and learn the things you shouldn’t do. You’d be surprised how much difference they can make.


  1.      Constantly Touching Your Hair

Whether you like touching your soft hair or you don’t even notice yourself fiddling with it when you’re nervous, you have to keep your hands off your hair! Your fingertips have oils which transfer into your strands when you touch them.


  1.      Showering Everyday

Doing this, especially when you live in tropical area, may help you freshen up your body but could ruin your hair. Washing your hair every day doesn’t keep the grease off the bay! Shampooing strips your scalp its natural oils so it becomes dry, your sebaceous gland then panics and reacts by producing more oil than usual to make up for the dryness.


  1.      Putting Too Much Conditioner

Hair conditioner helps keep your strands from going dry every time your wash it while making it smooth and silky. However, it can be a problem if you’re using the wrong one for your hair type or you’re not washing it out completely. To avoid both of these, look for a conditioner that is specifically designed for your hair condition and keep the conditioner on your mid-shaft to your ends, not on your scalp.


  1.      Buying The Brushing Your Hair 100 Strokes A Day Myth

Brushing your hair helps distribute oils from your scalp to the strands, which makes your hair look shiny. But over doing it over stimulates oil production resulting into greasy hair. The best way to prevent yourself from obsessive brushing is to just focus on detangling the lengths and ends using a wide-tooth comb.


  1.      Letting Your Hairbrush Build Up Dirt

Aside from dust that your hairbrush collects while lying idle, oil from your hair and hair products residue also sticks to it. You don’t want that on your hair! So don’t just keep on using that hairbrush even when it’s obviously dirty and clean it from time to time.


  1.      Using Hairbrush That’s Clogged With Hairs

We shed hair, especially while brushing and that’s normal since an average person typically shed around 100 strands every day. But you shouldn’t let your hair brush get clogged with hair and continue on using it as this transfers grease and dirt from the old strands back to your clean hair!


  1.      Not Using The Right Hair Products

Advertisements makes you wanna buy and try the latest hair products because they all promise to make your hair look like a model or celebrity’s hair. What you should remember is that those people have hair stylists and spend hours on heat styling to make their hair look that good. Aside from that, even if a product is really good, if it’s not compatible with your hair type it won’t give you good results.


  1.      Not Detoxifying

Clarifying shampoo should really be part of your hair care routine, whether you have greasy hair or don’t. This product helps cleanse and exfoliate your scalp to get rid of buildup styling products and oil that your regular shampoo can’t do. Using it 2-4 times a month can do wonders for your hair.

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