Common Mistake People Make When Dying Their Hair That Ages Them

There are people who like to color their hair simply to experiment or for fun. However, there are also those who do it in an attempt to hide gray hairs and look younger. The problem with this that they don’t realize is that it could also make them look older when not done right. 


This is the reason why it’s best to consult your hair stylist on what color or highlight suits your skin tone and facial features best and avoid color mishaps like the following.


Dark Color

Going way too dark seem like the best choice when trying to hide gray hairs. But what you don’t know is that it can actually accentuate fine lines and wrinkles even more! Aside from that, if you go too dark, you’ll need touch-ups often because as soon as your gray hairs grow back it will be very noticeable due to the contrast in color of the regrowth and the dyed part. To avoid this, it’s better to go for a warm tone which is 1-2 shades lighter than your natural hair shade.


Brassy Hue

Our skin already has a natural reddish tone which when heightened even more can age us. So going for a brassy hue which has a red or reddish orange undertone is not doing you any favor. This can even make your hair appear dull and damaged which is a look that is easily associated with aging. If you’ve already made this mistake, get a good quality toner to neutralize the unwanted shade.  


Lighter Shades

So if dark color is a no-no, lighter shades should be okay, right? Nope, not really. Remember that very light hair can look like gray hairs! So it will give the same aging impression. If there will be no contrast then your hair will lose depth and you will appear washed out.


Red Tone

This color looks great in the 20s and works fine in 30s but with growing age, the difference between this and your skin complexion becomes prominent which makes you much older. It happens because the skin starts losing pigments with growing age and skin color is directly related to hair color. Thus the contrast between skin and hair color becomes noticeable with this shade. The deeper shades can give you a flushed appearance and increases the uneven skin tone. You can team up your red color with few highlights or a hint of copper to make it look more natural. We at Two Herbs can cover your grey naturally and achieve a naturally looking copper red color for your grey hair


Did you know that you don’t have to have a lot of grey hair  for you to look old? A lot of women think that those laugh lines and crow’s feet are the ones that are giving their age away. What they fail to realize is that you could be in your mid-20’s and be mistaken as a middle-aged woman simply by how much grey hair you have! Although you might have found the hair color that works for you without aging you, know that frequent hair dyeing can lead to hair and scalp problems.

Two Herbs can help address the root of your hair problem by providing a all natural herbal treatment solution. Their herbal treatments uses chinese and ayurvedic herbs to natually cover your grey hair without using any chemical that is harmful to your scalp!

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