How To Maintain Permed Hair: 7 Must-Read Tips!

Getting a perm adds more body and volume to your hair. You're one step closer to looking like your favourite K-pop artist or celebrity. A beautifully-styled perm may also boost your confidence. 

Gone are the days of flat and lifeless hair that doesn't reflect your personality. However, your perm is only as good as how well you follow your salon's aftercare. The trick is knowing how to maintain your permed hair to ensure it stays curled or waxed after a long time.

1. Talk To Your Hairstylist

Maintaining your perm depends on your hair type, texture, and length. After getting one, you must follow a hair care routine that fits well with your newly-treated curls. You can't just do the same things you've been doing before getting hair treatment. Unless you want to destroy your hair, it's a good idea to have a chat with your stylist.

Right after the perm, take note of the stylist's advice on shampooing, washing, brushing, and chemical treatments. They'll give tips on what you should do right after the perm and feedback on styling your hair correctly. Don't be afraid to ask questions since it's your hair on the line. 

2. Act As If You Have Natural Curls

A perm is a chemical-based hair treatment that changes your natural hair's look, feel, and texture. If you have straight hair, a perm can indefinitely add stylish waves to it. Unlike traditional methods, you don't have to continuously retouch a permed hair. Perms last much longer, provided you follow proper maintenance. 

Another care tip for your perm is to act as if your hair is naturally curly or wavy. You'll need to buy new conditioners or shampoos designed for permed (or treated hair). By using specialised hair care products, you can prevent dry or frizzy hair that's difficult to brush. 

3. Use Hair Tonics

After getting a perm, you'll notice that your scalp is drier and itchier than usual. This effect is a result of the chemicals used during the perming process. Sometimes, the itching may worsen into peeling or even too much dandruff.

Solve these issues by using a hair tonic. Hair tonics help bring back nourishment and health to your gorgeous curls. They may be ideal for those who suffer from hair loss. But, they're also suitable for people who experience irritation, especially right after getting a perm. 

Try out our Herbal Hair Tonic. It contains a blend of all-natural Chinese and ayurvedic herbs. Use this tonic to prevent irritation, retain your hair’s natural colour, and strengthen its roots. 

4. Don't Wash Your Hair Right After The Perm

To wash or not to wash — that is the question. Contrary to what you may believe, washing your hair right after getting the perm can do more harm than good. If you wash it within 48 hours of the treatment, you may risk hair damage. You may also end up increasing your hair’s frizziness in the process.

Accidentally washing your hair before the 48 hours is up won't make you lose your perm. But, you'll end up with weakly-formed curls with uneven shapes. You lose your hair's definition and waste the expensive treatment in the process.

5. Avoid Tying Your Hair

After a perm, you may be tempted to style your hair differently. However, try to resist the temptation. Leave it undisturbed instead of tying your hair too tightly or braiding it. Allow your permed hair to fall and freely bounce so that it will correctly set in place.

Ideally, you have to wait for at least three days before you can tie your hair up or style it in the way you want. Why? There's a bit of science behind the perm. 

Different chemicals used in the treatment affect the shape and structure of your hair. Your hair is delicate at this stage. Even a minor disturbance like putting your hair up or braiding it can break the chemical bonds. Additionally, your hair is more prone to breakage since it's more sensitive. You may end up breaking off the strands or softening the curls. 

6. Stay Away From Dyeing Products

Let's face it — the perm is only the first step in achieving your hair goals. You're probably thinking about the other ways you can colour or bleach your hair. 

Again, be picky about the hair products you use on your new perm. Wait a few more weeks before you think about bleaching your hair. Perms are already harsh enough on your hair and scalp — what more if you bleach it?

After several weeks have passed (we recommend 45 days or more), revisit your stylist. They will assess your hair if it's ready for another aggressive chemical process, such as bleaching and dyeing. 

7. Protect Your Hair During Your Sleep

Worried about sleeping with a new perm? Don't overthink it. A perm is designed to be lasting, after all. But if you're concerned about damaging your hair as you sleep, you can do a few things to protect it.

Though we did advise you not to tie your hair too tightly, this doesn't mean that you can't wrap it around soft clothing. Before slumber, softly wrap your hair around a smooth satin or silk cloth. Doing this helps minimise friction as you toss and turn during sleep. 

Alternatively, you could also wrap up your hair in a microfiber towel. When lying down, spread out the excess hair on top of your pillow and secure it with the cloth. Tie the fabric in a loose knot to prevent your hair from getting tangled.


We've listed a few tricks on how to maintain your permed hair right after getting the treatment. Getting a perm can be an expensive undertaking. You want to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Just follow the tips above, and you'll be well on your way to having gorgeous and magazine-worthy locks. 

Whether it's a perm, bleach, or a rebond, Two Herbs' natural herbal treatment can keep your hair healthy and luscious for much longer. Check out our herbal hair products or contact us for more stylish, at-home hair treatment tips. We also specialise in anti-dandruff products and hair loss treatments in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maintaining Permed Hair

How Often Should I Wash Permed Hair?

Wash your hair every week with warm water for maintenance washing. And instead of liquid shampoo, apply dry shampoo in between washes if the roots dry too much. Additionally, washing your hair too frequently can be detrimental. Allow your hair’s natural oils to take care of the healing process.

How Long Does Permed Hair Last?

A well-permed hair can last for as long as 3 to 6 months with the proper care techniques.

Why Does A Perm Go Frizzy?

Your new perm may get too curly if the stylist doesn't allow it to sit for the intended time. Instead of defined curls, your hair may get loose and dull waves.

What Are The Side Effects Of Getting A Perm?

A perm can drastically alter the sensitivity of your hair. If you apply chemicals in the future, your hair will likely get ten times more damage. Additionally, the weaker hair follicles will result in split ends and hair fall.

Can I Use A Blow Dryer After A Perm?

Yes, but make sure to put it at the lowest setting possible. If you try to brush your locks, you may destroy the curls and end up with straight hair.

Can I Use A Hair Mask To Maintain My Perm?

For chemically-treated hair, hair masks are ideal because they add extra protein and moisture to your hair.

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